China to achieve annual growth target despite of trade war

“China will keep its economic growth within a reasonable range in the second half of the year, and will ensure that its full-year growth target is achieved,” China’s state planner said on Wednesday.

Although the trade frictions with the United States will have a negative impact on the Chinese economy, China will ensure that its annual growth target will be met, said Cong Liang, spokesman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

China aims to expand its economy by around 6.5 percent this year. The growing rate of the gross domestic product in the second quarter was 6.7 percent, smaller than that in the first three months which was 6.8 percent.

The figures obviously manifest a slowdown of economy increase as an ongoing campaign by Beijing is to curb risks in the financial system, for the borrowing costs have been raised and small companies find it hard to get loans.

To help firms get out of a tighter financing stress, China has taken steps to boost liquidity and has urged banks to extend more loans to companies. It has also affirmed pro-growth fiscal policies.

China and the United States, the world’s two biggest economies who both slow their economy growing pace, are imposing tariffs on each other’s goods, which will be more serious next week. And there are few signs that either side is ready to compromise. Tradedigits provides global import and export data, which has detailed information about China’s trade with world other major countries including USA. Click here to inquire more China-US trade details.

Customs data analyses product price fluctuations

China imp.&exp. monthly statistics and analysis reports

China is Asia’s and the world’s largest exporter. In 2017, China exported goods worth $227 billion to the global market. According to China export data, telephones, automatic data processors and integrated circuits are its largest export commodities, while the United States, Hong Kong and Japan are its largest export destinations. We provide China import and export data, which covers shipping details of goods shipped by sea, air and road, according to 8 digits HS code.

The role of monthly statistics and analysis reports of China’s import/export

1. Import data classification, statistics and analysis report: it helps you fully understand the global and domestic product flow and customer distribution of your products, international and domestic product price trends and trends, product quality (grade) demand changes, global and domestic market demand situation. Therefore, the report can help you analyze potential demand and make market forecasts.

2. Export data classification, statistics and analysis report – this helps you fully understand the source and distribution of global and domestic suppliers of your products, competitors’ competitiveness analysis and development trend analysis, international and domestic product price quotations and trends, product quality (grade) and supply changes, industry competition structure and development direction.

3. Import and export data classification, statistics and analysis report – it can conduct an analysis of the trade flows in a country or region (know whether it’s a net importing country/region, or a net exporting country/region). Combined with production data, we can calculate apparent consumption and equivalent consumption, analyze imports dependence and self-sufficiency rate, study the actual market consumption in different regions, countries and in the world, and predict the market demand in the future.

China 10 digits HS code customs data

Turkey significantly increases tariffs on US products

The Associated Press reported on August 15 that Turkey issued a notice saying that it would increase tariffs on some imported goods from the United States, including passenger cars, alcohol, and tobacco, etc..

On Wednesday, Turkey announced in the official gazette that it would impose additional tariffs on imported products including rice, cars, alcohol, coal and cosmetics.

Reuters reported on the 15th that the decree signed by Erdogan showed that Turkey increased the tariff on passenger cars imported from the United States by 120%, the tariff on alcoholic beverages by 140%, and tobacco by 60%. Tariffs on commodities such as cosmetics, rice and coal have also increased.

Earlier, Turkish President Erdogan had just announced a boycott against US electronics.

Recently, a diplomatic conflict broke out between the United States and Turkey due to the arrest of American pastor Brunson. US President Trump announced on Twitter that he decided to double the tax on steel and aluminum imported from Turkey, which caused the plummet of Turkish lira.

Turkish President Erdogan said that the lira plunging was a “political conspiracy” against Turkey, with the aim of surrendering Turkey in all areas from finance to politics. Erdogan said that Turkey will launch a counter-attack and find “new markets and allies.”

US bill of lading import data

Customs data analyses product price fluctuations

The right pricing decisions are based on the in-depth mastering of the quotation. An effective pricing strategy will be your most powerful factor to drive the production of profit.

Whether you want to increase the popularity of your products through promotions or want to anticipate consumer reactions to a growing market, you must accurately predict the outcome before you can make the right move.

Monitor the market price fluctuations

Our import export customs data can dynamically monitor the prices of the products you care about, let you understand the changes in the price of the peers, and analyze the trend of product prices. If you pay special attention to the price changes of the peers, you can take the initiative in negotiating with your potential customers.

After you get to know the right prices of your products in the market, then you can make the right promotion at the right time. Trade spending is mainly on advertising and promotional budgets, and strategic promotional pricing can make a big difference between a large return on investment and a huge waste of money.

Customs data service provided by Tradedigits contains accurate information on the pricing of exported or imported goods, helping companies to raise or lower the price of their goods based on market conditions or geographic location.

Use customs data to analyse target market

China 10 digits HS code customs data

China 10 digits HS code customs data is valued by most foreign trade enterprises after the China Customs strictly requires that the export prices declared by foreign trade export declaration enterprises must be the same as the real transaction prices. The products names shown in China 10 digits HS code customs data are the same as those declared in the customs, with the specifications of the product.

The main fields of China 10 digits HS code customs data:

Date, HS code (8 digits), HS code (9-10 digits), goods description, variety, declaration company, importer, exporter, origin/destination country, gross weight, net weight, start/end port, transit country, import/export, export customs, competent customs, INCOTERMS, unit price, total price, unit price in dollar, total price in dollar, quantity, quantity unit, legal weight, legal unit, transportation type, package type, company code, company property, address, telephone, fax, zip code, email, contact. Request to demonstrate China 10-digit HS code customs data

At present, China 10 digits HS code customs data is high in price in the market, because its information is comprehensive and effective, and with high commercial value. Tardedigits owns and processes a large number of international trade databases to help importers (exporters) retrieve, analyze and use statistical data so that they can make strategic decisions in its global transactions.

US bill of lading import data

The US bill of lading import data is searched according to the product keyword. It records in detail the data of each ocean bill of lading of goods imported by the US importer from the world. The US data provided by Tradedigits is updated every 7 days in the language of English.

US Customs Import Data(equal to US bill of lading import data) fields include:

Company information: US Buyer, Buyer Address, Buyer Phone, Buyer Email, Buyer Website, Foreign Supplier, Supplier Contact, Notifier, Notifier Contact Information.

Shipping information: vessel name, voyage number, loading port (start port), port of unloading (destination port), origin country, container number, arrival date.

Cargo information: goods description, quantity, quantity unit, weight, weight unit, marks.

Tradedigits is a global provider of international trade data intelligent query and analysis systems, providing the International Business Intelligence Data Information Platforms for international trade research and international logistics research, corporate credit and competitiveness research, industry, industry and market research, and policy formulation and so on. The International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform helps customers monitor competitors, evaluate suppliers, develop potential customers, track existing customers, understand the industry market trend, predict the future, prevent business risks, take the initiative to seize market opportunities and win new development advantages.

US import data system

Use customs data to analyse target market

Customs data(import and export data) is the trading statistical data released by the General Administration of Customs of each country. It records in detail the monthly detailed import and export records of each customs code. It can inquire about the import and export trade information of various countries and the customs manifests and bills of lading information of various countries. This information can help companies to understand the trading information of each country, to grasp the market trends, and to analyze market trends in a timely manner.

For some companies that have just done the foreign trade, it is indispensable for them to use customs data. It can help companies develop new customers. The accurate buyers information provided by Tradedigits includes the most direct information such as telephone, contact, email, website, etc., which can save time for foreign trade enterprises to find a customer. Customs data is an active development model. It is recommended to get in touch with the buyers for the first time by calling the enterprise phone directly as the main method, supplementing with other methods like mail, skype and so on. You need to find the common interests between you, follow them up in long-term, and reach a long-term cooperation.

By tracking buyers in one target market and their transaction records, it is possible to find the market demand changes of a certain product from the buyers’ purchase products, and to discover the emergence of new products and new materials in time, so that you can grasp the trend of overseas markets in the first time, allow the development of your products to synchronize with the international market mainstream and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of your enterprise.

Tradedigits helps you easily find global buyers, position target market, learn the price changes, get to know the potential customers’ trading status, and track the dynamics of your regular customers’ purchases.

Advantages of International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform

Advantages of International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform

The International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform is the world’s largest system for the search of global foreign trade customs data developed by Tradedigits. It enables real-time tracking and analysis of trading environment, competitors and international buyers, and provides an accurate data support on the formulating of competition and marketing strategies for users in the field of international trade.

International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform Explores New Business Opportunities Worldwide

※ Analyse importers

The platform can deeply search global buyers information, develop new customers, keeping abreast of customers trade dynamics and help maintain the regular customers.

※ Monitor exporters

You are able to monitor your peers’ trading activities and make evaluation of them. For this, you not only know yourself, but also know your competitors. So, you can do trade better by using this platform.

※ Track global trade activities

It turns to be easy to find your target customers, track their detailed foreign trade activities in around the world and in-depth master their trade details just by using the platform.

※ In-depth study one industry market

It’s not a problem to deeply understand the upstream and downstream industry chain of one industry, the industry competition status and development trends, to gain insight into the market, and to seize new business opportunities.

Tradedigits is the leading company in bringing big data technology to the foreign trade field, helping customers to comprehensively analyze importers, monitor exporters, track target customers’ global trade activities, and research the industry market in depth.

China Import and Export Data Inquiry Service

Tradedigits’s import and export solutions provide customers with China import and export data that contains important details that help them become familiar with every wave stirred in each of China’s import/export trade markets, covering the names of Chinese importers/exporters, the quantity of products exported, prices, and destination countries, transportation methods and so on.

China import and export analysis reports mainly use the domestic 8-digit HS code as the search condition to search the market analysis and statistical data of China’s export and import. Foreign trade enterprises can quickly view the above information through the International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform.

Characteristics of the International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform:

※  Carry out market researches of over 20 countries

※  Generate foreign trade reports of different countries

※  Know and analyze the market competition status

※  Have on-line access to all the information through the internet

※  Is a simple and user friendly system

※  Identify prospective clients and new suppliers

※  Open new markets

※  Analyze your shares and strength in the market

Tradedigits has an efficient team of more than 20 experienced information technology experts, data technology experts, foreign trade research experts, international marketing experts and professional customer service staff. It has provided data information services to thousands of companies around the world.

China Export Data Analysis Report Service


US import data system

US import data is based on the bills of lading which are documents for picking up goods and must be presented to the US customs before the goods leave a US port. The data includes US importer name and addresses, overseas seller name and addresses, which help identify trading partners and avoid fraud. You can use our US import data to find any importers in the US to see who their suppliers are, what products they buy from each supplier, what the quantity of each shipment is, what the price is, and so on.

From obtaining US Customs data to making business strategies

US Customs Data + Market Analysis Reports – help you confidently develop business decisions step by step:

● Data Accuracy – All of our customs data comes from US official agencies, updating on the basis of days to ensure the timely availability of data.

● Trade insights – With powerful analytics tools to generate trade trend graph and chart and industry benchmarks

The high quality of Tradedigits’s customs data ensures the reliability of customer, potential partner and supplier information and will effectively promote the formulation of corporate business plan and strategic decisions. Tradedigits provides professional solutions for a wide range of business areas. Its service affects fields like risk management, company operation and supply chain, and sales and marketing.

How do foreign trade companies develop the US market?