Use customs import and export data to increase orders

Customs data can help SMEs quickly find target buyers (purchasers), understand their purchase patterns and get orders finally. Using customs import and export data can greatly improve the export efficiency of SMEs.

Do you want to know the prices of your global rivals? Do you want to sell your products at a competitive but more profitable price? Now Tradedigits’s customs data can help you turn this idea into truth. By comparing the different purchase prices of the commodity in each country or region, it is easy to find the price difference between the same category of commodity in each country or region. In this way, you are able to determine your target market and make brilliant price strategies, which would help increase your competitiveness and maximize your profit.

Tradedigits has been committed to business intelligence collection, mining, application and service in the field of international trade for many years. At the same time, it is a comprehensive information service provider that its services involving data collection and processing, trade statistics and analysis, industry consultation, market research, etc, providing information support for foreign trade companies to find solutions for overseas marketing.

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