Why should you choose Tradedigits?

Tradedigits is a global market researcher and trade data provider that aims to create business opportunities of international trade by its most accurate market intelligence information. The below are the competitive advantages of us:

Wide coverage of trading countries

Our global trade data covers import and export data of 20 countries in Asia, Europe, South America, North America.

Complete and Comprehensive Information

Our global trade data includes a wide range of fields, including trade type, transportation mode, port of departure/destination, product name and specification, importers details(name, address, contacts, email, phone, fax, etc.), exporters details, total amount, unit price, Incoterms, etc., which all contribute to better market analysis.

Timely update

Our customs data is updated monthly or daily to ensure that our customers timely access to it.

In-depth market analysis reports

Our customized business intelligence reports make market analysis from the perspectives such as product specifications and brand, trade quantity, amount, price, exporter, importer, etc. This analysis report helps to study market size and commodity prices trend as well as one company’s market share.

Real and reliable information

The information we provide is completely true and authentic as all our B/L and declaration records are collected directly from various customs and other trusted sources.

Excellent customer service

We are ready to provide you with wholehearted service whenever and wherever. Our customers service representatives are always happy and quick to contact you and positive and patient to answer any of your trade inquiries.

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