How to effectively find and track foreign buyers?

If you are a businessman or businesswoman who has done foreign trade business for several years, you may have encountered such situation: there are some customers who are interested in your products and have emailed you for many times, but they don’t make a deal with you at last.

Finding potential customers is important whereas turning them into real buyers is vital. What’s the relationship between the two factors and Order? Potential Customers No. * Turnover Rate = Order. Then how can we follow up the potential customers, increase the turnover rate and win their orders?

Tradedigits strongly suggests that global import export data (or “customs data”) is a vital way to develop potential customers, track foreign trade activities and learn about their price expectation. On the meanwhile, it is also used for understanding market prices, maintain regular customers, monitoring competitors and analysing market situation and trends.

Enter the products or HS codes you are interested in in our database search platform, then it will present a list of all real importers. The data are accurate, complete and updated timely as they are based on bill of lading or declaration data registered in the local customs. Through the data, you can understand purchase records of a buyer you are interested in, including its purchase cycle, suppliers, deal prices, quantities, weights and other transaction details. As you know who are your potential buyers, their purchase details and prices, you can highly improve the turnover rate later.

You can also dynamically track old customers who have cooperated, timely understand their each purchase record, know whether they add new suppliers or new types of products, etc.

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