Leading solutions for foreign trade customers development

The International Business Intelligence Data Information Platform covers real-time trading dynamics data in more than 20 countries around the world. The data is collected and sorted through advanced search engines and data analysis technologies, by which you can gain insight into market opportunities, strategize cleverly and find foreign buyers without strenuous effort.

Firstly, thousands of real foreign trade customers can be searched by one-click search. Tradedigits exclusively aggregates its search technology. As long as you enter HS code or product keywords, you can view all relevant global buyers’ information at a glance and bid farewell to the past pain of searching for buyers blindly.

Secondly, our big data helps you analyze customers and customize customers development plans. We add the new global customer analysis function into our data platform, by which you can visually check the transaction cycle, frequency, suppliers, etc. of a customer, in order to reflect your own advantages in the development of customers. At the same time, Tradedigits’s big data will directly give a development plan, so as not to miss any development opportunities.

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