Mexican Buyers Yellow Pages

The 2015 Mexican Buyers Yellow Pages/Mexico Buyers Yellow Pages is the latest yellow pages about importers and buyers finely selected by Tradedigits.

Mexico Buyer’s Yellow Pages is a true, accurate, and detailed Mexican buyer dynamic data that Tradedigits has integrated through close cooperation with local Mexican business organizations; it has established the United States’ most extensive cross-nation range, most complete industry, and most accurate contact information. It opens up a new idea and a new method for winning foreign trade orders. Other general Yellow Pages, Trade Yellow Pages, or mailing lists can’t compare with our Mexican Buyers Yellow Pages data.

Features of Mexican Buyers Yellow Pages Data:

1. When browsing the data, you can target at searching for Mexican buyers/buyers profiles and contact details and company profiles, e-mail addresses, websites, etc.

2. You can rapidly establish a complete, large, and safe Mexican buyers yellow repository according to your need.

3. Mexican Buyers Yellow Pages Data is updated quarterly to ensure that the master of buyers’ information is timely and effective.

4. You can contact the buyers directly by the buyers’ information from the data and reduce the business effect of your competitors in the market.

5. An effective Mexican Buyer Yellow Pages can provide accurately the target buyers who are active in the market you definite.

Introduction of Mexico Import and Export Customs Data

Mexico import and export data is also known as Mexico’s import and export trade data. Tradedigits provides Mexico Customs Import and Export Data (MXCD) from the year 2000 based on the first six digits of HS codes or company names.

Description of Mexico Customs Import and Export Data (MXCD):

Mexico customs import data includes Mexico domestic import companies and foreign export companies, 8-digit HS code, goods description (in Spanish, English and Chinese), date, quantity, value, unit (price), G weight, origin country, foreign exporters, Mexican importers and other information. The Mexico Customs import data reveals the detailed international trade activities of Mexican import companies from companies around the world, helping you to develop and enhance the company’s import and export international trade business in Mexico and even the world.

Features and advantages of Mexico import and export data:

1) Timely. The data update frequency is once a month, timely realizing the immediacy of information;

2) Accurate and qualified. The data record is true and complete. Trade Mexico’s The two types of Mexico customs import and export data (with both import and export company) are developed by Tradedigits. They have won good credit by the customers because of their good quality;

3) Comprehensive with multiple fields. The fields in Mexican import and export data is with large amount and rich information;

4) Reliable and strong. Tradedigits is one of the earliest companies to provide Mexico import and export data in the global market. The import and export data network has provided Mexico import and export data for thousands of companies worldwide.