Why should you choose Tradedigits?

Tradedigits is a global market researcher and trade data provider that aims to create business opportunities of international trade by its most accurate market intelligence information. The below are the competitive advantages of us:

Wide coverage of trading countries

Our global trade data covers import and export data of 20 countries in Asia, Europe, South America, North America.

Complete and Comprehensive Information

Our global trade data includes a wide range of fields, including trade type, transportation mode, port of departure/destination, product name and specification, importers details(name, address, contacts, email, phone, fax, etc.), exporters details, total amount, unit price, Incoterms, etc., which all contribute to better market analysis.

Timely update

Our customs data is updated monthly or daily to ensure that our customers timely access to it.

In-depth market analysis reports

Our customized business intelligence reports make market analysis from the perspectives such as product specifications and brand, trade quantity, amount, price, exporter, importer, etc. This analysis report helps to study market size and commodity prices trend as well as one company’s market share.

Real and reliable information

The information we provide is completely true and authentic as all our B/L and declaration records are collected directly from various customs and other trusted sources.

Excellent customer service

We are ready to provide you with wholehearted service whenever and wherever. Our customers service representatives are always happy and quick to contact you and positive and patient to answer any of your trade inquiries.

International trade data reports

Tradedigits is the earliest professional research and operation service provider in the field of “trade information” in China, and is the preferred partner for export enterprises to expand overseas markets. So far, the dynamic trade database of 20 countries has been collected through legal channels. Through the IT technology combined with traditional trade ideas, Tradedigits collates, analyses and processes the original customs statistics database to be accurate, timely, detailed and continuously updated trade information for export-oriented export enterprises to find more buyer information with procurement needs at the lowest cost.

At the same time, Tradedigits also bears the considerable responsibility of “breaking the asymmetry of trade information” and provides necessary data support for global import and export enterprises to scientifically monitor domestic and international market demand and changes in the trading environment.

As a pioneer in the “Trade Information” industry, Tradedigits believes that only by effectively addressing the business needs of enterprises can it obtain its market share and go on providing information services to more companies. To provide users with high-quality and caring information services, it will continue to provide rigorous training to its service organizations and information consultants to improve the overall service level and to ensure that each and every penny its users spend will get rewarded.

Advantages of international trade data:

1. Full and complete: It comprehensively includes statistics on import and export transactions of all products in more than 200 countries and regions the world.

2. Dynamic and timely: According to the official data release time, the previous month’s data will be provided in a timely manner every month along with all other historical data. The data is updated in real time to ensure the data timeliness.

3. True and accurate: Relying on the strict monitoring standards of the customs, Tradedigits provides accurate information on the import and export of each HS code.

Market analysis for products

Use customs data to develop global markets

Tradedigits  provides the latest purchase information from all over the world! The info includes importer’s company name, contact person, contact method, purchasing quantity, purchasing price, credit status, supplier’s name and contact, etc.. It also provides trade analysis report service, such as market analysis, competitive environment analysis, price trend analysis, etc.. View global Purchasing Information for free.

How to use global trade data to effectively develop the global market?

1. Analysis of international market dynamics. Through it, you can know where the dominant markets in the world are and if a new market forms recently.

2. Analysis of international competition. Take the market in the United States as an example. By this analysis, you can learn: how many importers in one industry are there in the US? What is the importing quantity ranking of these importers? Which companies in the world are exporting the same product to the US? What are the prices?

3. Analysis of domestic competition status. This analysis enables you understand the following questions: Which companies in China are doing the export business of one product? Who are the producers? Where are the countries, regions or places of destination? Where has a bigger market? What is the price of this product exported? Which market has the higher price?

Tradedigits is a professional international trade information service provider. At present, it has established long-term strategic partnerships with official institutions in 20 countries including the United States, Brazil, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, and Argentina.

Market analysis for products

Use customs data to analyse target market

Customs data(import and export data) is the trading statistical data released by the General Administration of Customs of each country. It records in detail the monthly detailed import and export records of each customs code. It can inquire about the import and export trade information of various countries and the customs manifests and bills of lading information of various countries. This information can help companies to understand the trading information of each country, to grasp the market trends, and to analyze market trends in a timely manner.

For some companies that have just done the foreign trade, it is indispensable for them to use customs data. It can help companies develop new customers. The accurate buyers information provided by Tradedigits includes the most direct information such as telephone, contact, email, website, etc., which can save time for foreign trade enterprises to find a customer. Customs data is an active development model. It is recommended to get in touch with the buyers for the first time by calling the enterprise phone directly as the main method, supplementing with other methods like mail, skype and so on. You need to find the common interests between you, follow them up in long-term, and reach a long-term cooperation.

By tracking buyers in one target market and their transaction records, it is possible to find the market demand changes of a certain product from the buyers’ purchase products, and to discover the emergence of new products and new materials in time, so that you can grasp the trend of overseas markets in the first time, allow the development of your products to synchronize with the international market mainstream and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of your enterprise.

Tradedigits helps you easily find global buyers, position target market, learn the price changes, get to know the potential customers’ trading status, and track the dynamics of your regular customers’ purchases.

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